We strive to help growers of food and medicine optimize plant nutrition which yields healthier crops, reduces fertilizer waste and contributes to the stewardship of the soil.

MicroTerra is an agricultural analytical and pathology laboratory with over 20 years of combined experience working within academia and industry in the fields of botany, agriculture, and chemistry. MicroTerra’s mission is to inform and educate our clients on the identification, diagnosis, and management of pathogens and nutritional disorders within a crop production system utilizing current analytical methods and equipment. MicroTerra’s expertise in phytochemistry, analytical chemistry, soil chemistry, soil community ecology and most importantly plant nutrition supports the growth of healthy food and medicine.

MicroTerra utilizes current scientific methods and technology to investigate challenging and often cryptic diseases that have substantial impact to commercial/industrial agricultural crops including cannabis. Our expertise in phytopathology focuses on arthropod, fungal, bacterial and viral identification within plant systems and developing methods to manage those specific pests to minimize the use of pesticides.